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We all lead busy and demanding lives, Very rarely do we ever stop and completely let go and relax! Time is precious to all of us but we are normally giving that time to others not to the ones who need it the most! OURSELVES. Me Time was designed and created for exactly that reason. To relax, unwind and put yourself and your body first. A wonderful package offering a back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a luxurious hydrating facial, just for you. You know you’re worth it!

The Body and Mind Package

This is an amazing combo for the Mind and Body, offering a deep relaxing full body massage soothing those muscles, before moving on to a Reiki Healing Facial allowing your mind to slowly drift as we now start to release day to day tensions and removing unwanted blockages from you mind. Giving your mind and body a complete sense of peace.

The Body, Mind and Soul Package

The Ultimate in therapies! The Body, Mind and Soul Package works with you as an emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and energitical level. Starting with a deep relaxing full Body massage working on your physical Body, followed by a wonderful hydrating facial to calm and relax the metal and emotional Mind. To complete this ultimate experience the whole treatment is infused with Reiki Healing Energies throughout, uplifting your soul to another level.

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Package Prices

Me Time £50
The Body and Mind Package £55
The Body, Mind and Soul Package £65
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