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Nail Rehab is the ultimate in intensive treatment for those wishing to repair and bring the beauty of natural nails, after excessive damage to the nails through chemical or mechanical injuries i.e. nail enhancements.

Unlike other manicures this rehabilitation treatment is not just about making your nails look aesthetically pleasing, it is solely about repairing damaged nails.

Using Cuccio Naturale products. In this intensive 40 minute treatment, cuticles will be tended, nails strengthened, hands revitalised and protected using antioxidants and environmental protections. Our Nail rehab is a series of weekly treatments designed to bring back your natural nails beauty and lustre.

Retails kits are available to purchase, giving you the opportunity to continue the repairing process at home.

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Cuccio Nail Rehab Prices

Rehabilitation for damaged nails. Shaped and buffed before fortifying an finishing with antioxidant oil.

Rehab (40min) £15
Rehab (course of four) £48

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