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DNA Optimal Health and Optimal Health Pro is a new and exciting advanced understanding of your body. This gives you your own individual blue print of your genetic makeup. Guiding you to make changes that can support and enhance your own genetic makeup. Giving you optimum health and wellbeing for the rest of your life if you so choose to implement these changes.

Both the Optimal Health and the Optimal Health Pro come complete with the DNA test kit and initial consultation; duration of the consultation can vary from 40min to 1hr 30mins. It is also possible for the test Kit and Questionnaires to be posted for completion at home.

Why is genetics important to your health?

We share a lot with our family, including genes, lifestyle and environment with our family members. These things can affect our health and the risk for illness developing. Unfortunately many of us have a relative with a health condition many of which are avoidable with the right lifestyle.

Research indicates that over 99% of our genes are the same. The 1% that are different affect differences you can see like eye color and height as well as many differences that you can’t see, such as our risk for diabetes and heart disease. Some genetic variants work better than the original, and many make no difference at all. Some cause problems. Most common health conditions are caused by a combination of gene changes, lifestyle choices, and your environment.

Taking the time to learn about the health conditions that run in your family and your genetic variants can be worthwhile. It can help you understand your own health risk and make healthy lifestyle and nutrition choices.

Who is Optimal Health and Optimal Health Pro for?

Everyone, The Optimal Health and Optimal Health Pro reports are for anybody who’s future health matters and are ready to make positive changes.

Optimal Health Pro is recommended if you are working with a healthcare professionaland looking at everything in more detail, where Optimal Health can be for your general awareness guiding you to make subtle changes with small habits to change.

Want to know how your body responds to your diet, or to reduce your risk for some life-changing health problems, Optimal Health and Optimal Health Pro, along with your healthcare professional if you wish, can unlock the knowledge that will guide you along your journey to reaching your optimal health. If you are interested in improving your overall health and wellness, you will benefit from these reports.

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DNA Health Prices

DNA Health is new, exciting, an advanced understanding of your body, giving a complete blue print of your genetic make up. Allowing you to make changes to support and enhance your genes, giving you optimum health and wellbeing for the rest of your life if you so choose to implement change.

All the DNA include test kit and initial consultation, duration can vary from 40min to 1hr 30mins. It is also possible for the tests in info to be posted for completion at home.

DNA Optimal Health £99
DNA Optimal Health Pro £199
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