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DNA Health Tests
DNA Health Check and Weightloss

  • Wellness ∓ Weight Management Check focuses on health, wellness and weightloss. It evaluates genetic predispositions for the liver detoxification pathways,food cravings, sugar metabolis, fat sensitivity and over absorption, fat release ability and muscle function for exercise. This check also assesses Phenotype, sleep, stress and burnout levels impacting health.

DNA Detoxification Check

  • Detoxification check evaluates the main genetic variants in genes that up regulate phase 1 detoxification and down regulate phase 2 detoxification of the liver as well as the supporting genes for the intermediate step the include inflammation and oxidation potential.

DNA Methylation Check

  • Methylation Check evaluates the main genetic variants in genes the regulate the methylation cycle. Genetic variants can be influenced by nutrition and lifestyle.

DNA Oestrogen Check

  • Oestrogen Check evaluates the main genitic variants in genes that regulate Oestrogen detoxification.

DNA Comprehensive

  • The DNA Comprehensive includes all of the above as well as -
    DNA Inflammation Check
  • Inflammation Check evaluates the main genetic variants in genes that regulate inflammation. Genetic variants can be influenced bu nutrition and lifestyle.

DNA Nutrition Check

  • Nutrition Check evaluates the main genetic variations in genes that regulate caffeine metabolism, lactose intolerance, iron over-absorption and the need for vitamin D and B's and anti-oxidants.

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DNA Health Prices

Exclusive to the Natural Body Cafe!
DNA Health is new, exciting, an advanced understanding of your body, giving a complete blue print of your genetic make up. Allowing you to make changes to support and enhance your genes, giving you optimum health and wellbeing for the rest of your life if you so choose to implement change. All the DNA include test kit and initial consultation, duration can vary from 40min to 1hr 30mins. It is also possible for the tests in info to be posted for completion at home.
DNA Detoxification Check £125
DNA Oestrogen Check £125
DNA Methylation Check £125
DNA Health Check/Weight Loss £149
DNA Comprehensive £199

Support Packages
Our weekly on-going support packages help you to overcome your emotional stresses, identify your triggers, reduce your cravings and help you to reset your relationship with food. We will also work with you on overcoming any anxiety and past traumas that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. Using a variety of leading edge techniques such as NLP, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Mentoring and Thought Field Therapy, we will formulate a programme that works for you. We will also include fortnightly 30-minute measurements; weight check and goal plan support to help monitor your progression.
Support Package Course 4 £260
Support Package Course 6 £360
Support Package Course 10 £550
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