Fertility & Stress Programmes

Embarking on your fertility journey is not easy. From time to time it can make you feel alone, angry, vulnerable, anxious, helpless, frustrated and above all STRESSED and a FAILURE. All of these emotions ultimately can have a knock on effect, and they can make it more difficult to either fall pregnant, cope with pregnancy or manage the transition into the post natal stage. It can start to feel like a never ending and sometimes very painful circle.

We can help you change this, by making you to feel happier, less anxious and more in control of your life. Having spent the last 3 years successfully working with clients to help them manage and overcome stress, anxiety, depression, low confidence and self-esteem, we have now put together some amazing programmes to help couples cope with fertility.

Our Fertility and Stress programmes are designed to help you through your whole fertility journey from pre conception, pregnancy and postnatal. During each stage of your fertility journey you can feel and experience a number of different emotions such as:

  • Struggling to conceive: Stress, Anxiety, Low Confidence, Loneliness, Despair, Anger, Guilt, Frustration.
  • During Pregnancy: Vulnerable, Tense, Anxious, Stressed, Worried, Anxious, Overwhelmed.
  • Postnatal: Depressed, Anxious, Tired, Stressed, Lonely, Low Confidence. 

During our sessions we will put together a programme that is specifically designed around your own personal needs, helping you to:
• Relieve tension and stress
• Increase your self confidence and self esteem
• Reduce anxiety and depression
• Change your mindset to help give you a new positive focus
• Find and release unconscious blocks which may hinder conception
• Bring control back into your life
• Manage your stress
• Let go of the past
• Become you again

Using a number of leading edge treatments such as Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Human Potential techniques we can really help you to let go of the past, feel more positive and to move forward in life with real confidence.

Each programme is designed around your own individual needs. Prices per programme will be discussed at your free consultation.

About me

I’m Emma Gibbs-Ng and I run a company called Fertility Mind and Body, which specializes in working with individuals, and couples helping them to overcome the pressures and demands we can find ourselves in, while embarking on your fertility journey. I am very excited and really looking forward to bringing my practice to the Natural Body Café and being a part of an amazing team and brand. Fertility is a very sensitive issue and is one that more and more people are struggling with. Combining my own personal experience along with my years of experience working as a life coach and I now really excited to offer a number of amazing programmes helping people through all stages of their fertility journey.

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