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History of hot stone therapy

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Modern technology has allowed us to enjoy some fantastic advancements in daily life and medicine. However, there are a number of age-old treatments that work just as well today as they did years ago. Hot stone therapy might seem like a new form of treatment in some cultures, but they have been around far longer than many people realise.

According to Chinese history, the use of hot stones can be traced back more than 2,000 years. They were used to improve the function of internal organs and, in North America, South America, Egypt, Europe, India, and Africa, they were used for healing purposes. Traditions included wearing the stones, using stones for diagnosing various ailments, and laying the stones on the body in various patterns to promote healing. They were also used in various ceremonies and sweat lodges too.

In some cultures, hot stones were used to ease menstrual cramps and cold stones were used to slow bleeding after labour. In some cultures, women would hold these stones during labour for endurance and strength.

Even the Romans used stones as part of their therapeutic treatments. These stones were used in saunas as well as cold pools. Both hot and cold treatments have a role to play in healing and this was recognised many centuries ago.

For quite some time, the western world remained somewhat oblivious to the benefits of hot stone therapy. It was in the 90s that this treatment became increasingly popular around the world once more. Today, it is often combined with other forms of treatment, like Reiki, in order to maximise the benefits.

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