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Maintaining those perfect eyebrows

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Your eyebrows have a significant effect on the overall appearance of your face. In turn, the way you look can have a dramatic effect on your self-confidence and the impression you give others. This is why so many women prefer to have their eyebrows professionally shaped and tinted. In between those treatments, however, you can also take some extra measures to keep your eyebrows looking their best.

Take that selfie
When you are ready, you should take a fabulous selfie. You want to remember exactly what those wonderful eyebrows looked like once they were freshly shaped and tinted.

Treat the skin
Waxing around the eyebrows will often leave your skin feeling a bit tender and it may even itch. The pores in this area will also be a bit more open than usual which means that the skin can use some extra care. This care extends beyond the first application of post-depilatory lotion or oil. If you need extra relief for the next few days, ask your treatment specialist to recommend a gentle, soothing and organic product.

Things to avoid
There are a few things that you need to avoid during the first couple of days. For the first 24 hours, you should avoid wearing eyebrow makeup. You should also wait for at least 48 hours to expose your skin to the sun, spray tan, saltwater or water with chlorine like that of a swimming pool. Do not run the area and try not to overdo it in terms of physical activity since excessive sweating can irritate the skin.

Maintaining your beautiful brows
Make sure that you stick to a fairly strict eye care routine. This includes the use of sun protection, eye cream and serum to keep the skin firm and beautiful. If you want thicker brows, you can look into various natural products like essential oils. Avoid the urge to do too much cleaning up. As tempted as you might be to pluck those stray hairs, you should leave the cleaning up to the professionals.

Once you have enjoyed your eyebrow treatment, you should find out how soon you will need a touch-up. Make your appointment before you leave or make a note to call for an appointment in advance so that you always look your best.

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