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Top misconceptions about massage therapy

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Massage therapy has been around for many years and is a popular form of treatment for many ailments. It is also considered beneficial for relieving stress and anxiety. Despite the fact that we have been using massage for so many years, there are still a number of misconceptions surrounding this form of treatment.

They are all the same
This is completely false. Not all types of massage are the same and they each serve their own unique purpose. Some of their benefits may overlap but they are by no means all the same. Swedish massage is mostly used for relaxation, sports massage is used to treat injuries or help prepare muscles for intense training, and deep tissue massage is used to release those tough knots.

Massages are only for soothing sore muscles
You will feel that this is a benefit of a massage, but it is not the only advantage. Massage also helps improve circulation, reduce cortisol levels, and it can even help boost the immune system. Not to mention the wonderful relaxing effect.

It should be painful if it's working
Deep tissue massages are often associated with some form of pain or discomfort. However, not all types of massage involve such intense pressure. Swedish massage and hot stone therapy, for example, are excellent for relaxing the muscles and you should not feel discomfort during your sessions. If you do feel any pain, you should let the massage therapist know right away.

Massages are not suited for pregnant women
Some people believe that a massage can encourage early labour. The truth is that a woman's body experiences a number of drastic changes within a short period of time. This can result in a number of aches all over her body. The right massage will help soothe those pains and help her enjoy her pregnancy experience more. It's also good for her to be relaxed during this time and a massage is excellent for relieving stress.

Massages are only for adults
While most people who enjoy massages are adults, this does not mean that children and even infants cannot enjoy massage therapy. Of course, it's important to ensure that very light pressure is used. Infants who suffer from digestive issues like constipation or even colic can benefit from certain massage techniques. It's important to always ask your paediatrician before beginning massage therapy.

These are some of the most common massage myths today. Remember, if you are considering scheduling a massage, you should always explain exactly what it is that you are looking for. Whether you are you trying to relieve stress, soothe an injury, improve circulation, or any other goal should be discussed with your massage therapist before they begin.


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