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I’m Emily, a holistic health coach, personal trainer, yoga fanatic, travel junky and healthy home cook.

The times I sat in a doctors’ surgery and was told to ‘eat less and move more’ having been a successful Personal Trainer drove me to research my own condition and ultimately led to my diagnosis. The first few years after were some of the hardest and loneliest as I felt there was no help out there for my condition. Autoimmune diseases are increasingly common and come in many forms such as arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis and ibs to name a few. These are often misunderstood reasons for weight gain and health disorders that plague people’s everyday lives.

I follow a diet rich in whole foods, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins and I feel fantastic as a result. All my recipes are gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar free. It’s not a limiting way of living, in fact a few small changes in diet can make a huge improvement to overall health and weight loss.

This way of living isn’t just beneficial to someone with underlying health issues. It’s a fantastic way to lose weight, gain mental clarity and put the spring back in your step

We are all different and not all nutrition programmes work for everyone. This is where I come in and can develop personalised plans to improve overall health, wellness and weight loss. My aim is to help others be the healthiest, happiest version of themselves Also to be the person I needed in my health journey when it felt like no one could or would help me.

Emily was diagnosed with the autoimmune thyroid condition ‘Hashimotos’ 6 years ago. Having gained 21kgs in 6 months, pains all over her body, tiredness that kept her bedridden and depression to name a few, she knew something was very wrong. Getting the diagnosis was hard, getting the right treatment was even harder. Emily took matters into her own hands and called on her previous fitness and nutrition knowledge to explore healing options for herself.

The 6 years had many ups and down and plenty of setbacks, however with further study and a lot of trial and error she now considers herself to be not only the healthiest, but the happiest she has ever been. Now she wants to be the help for others that she needed, yet couldn’t find 7 years ago when her journey began.

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