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Ear candling and its benefits

Ear candling and its benefits

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Our ears are an essential part of our bodies. However, despite the fact that we depend on our hearing so much, many people fail to treat their ears with as much care as they do their hands or feet, for example. We only really pay attention when something is wrong. Ear candling is becoming increasingly popular as more people are discovering its benefits. If you have ever had ear problems, you will know just how important ear care and a preventive approach is.

What is ear candling?

This practice involves the use of a hollow, heated candle to clean out the ear and rid it of earwax and toxins. If you are concerned about placing a burning candle in your ear, it's important to remember that safety measures are in place to protect you from anything hot coming into contact with your face. Between the flame and your face, there is a protective layer – almost like a cup.

Benefits of ear candling

  • If you suffer from tinnitus, ear candling can help. It helps clear out material that is hiding deep inside the ear and causing that ringing sound.


  • For those suffering from hearing problems due to a blockage in the ear canal, candling can help improve your hearing too.


  • The shape of your ear is designed to expel excess wax. However, this is not always the case and, if earwax builds up, it can be a real threat to your health. Not to mention uncomfortable or even painful. Ear candling helps loosen the wax so that it can make its way out.


  • If you suffer from frequent ear infections, you need a deep clean. Candling can help reduce the frequency of those infections by cleaning out your ears and removing those nasty toxins. In addition, since bacteria loves to breed in earwax, cleaning your ears also helps evict these unwelcome tenants.

Before your first ear candling session, make sure that the practitioner has the appropriate training and experience. This treatment method should only be performed by a professional. If you have any concerns or questions, always ask first. There is never any shame in setting your mind at ease.


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