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The connection between weight gain and depression | Natural Body Cafe

The connection between weight gain and depression

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Depression has many symptoms. These are not limited to sadness alone. Other symptoms include a loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed, fatigue and a change in appetite. In order to address the connection between depression and weight gain, it's important to understand a little bit about depression itself.

Women are at greater risk
Depression affects girls and boys equally before puberty. Once these hormonal and physical changes occur, however, young women become more likely to suffer from depression than teenage boys. This later translated into a higher rate of depression in women than men. This does not mean, however, that if you are a man then you will not become depressed.
Depression in women is often even more prevalent because of certain social differences, unequal power and status as well as a lack of self-esteem. Women tend to take on more than men. While men usually manage their professional careers, women are split between taking care of the home (including the children) and working. Yes, there are exceptions and there are men who take on the family responsibilities rather than the woman. There are also single parents which include both men and women. Anyone who finds themselves in a dual role will feel extra pressure and stress. This can lead to feelings of hopelessness and depression.

Weight gain
In most cases, when a woman is depressed, she tends to eat and sleep more than usual. Even one of these on their own can result in weight gain. Put the two together and it's a recipe for disaster. Women tend to consume more carbohydrates when depressed which is another troubling thought. After a short time, she will notice that she has gained weight and this will result in further depression. Which results in more eating and sleeping. This is a vicious cycle that is very difficult to stop and professional help is often needed to turn it all around.

Depression is not just that sad feeling. It's not something that people can simply 'get over' or 'snap out of'. The fact that we feel these emotions and cannot seem to make a change on our own makes the situation feel even more hopeless. The good news is that expert help can make all the difference. You do not need to suffer in silence anymore. Take your life back and send depression packing with professional counselling and a healthy eating plan to get rid of that extra weight. Once you start shedding those pounds, you will enjoy a morale boost too which is all part of the mind-body connection.


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