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The Perpetual Flight to Cuba

The Perpetual Flight to Cuba

Monday, June 03, 2019

It’s well known that a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to various health problems. Indeed, a survey by AXA PPP healthcare found that off 2000 office workers; 73% reported having musculoskeletal problems like back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Why do so many office workers develop these problems? Well, because 46% of people spend between 4-6 hours a day and on top of that, 25% sit for 7-8 hours a day at their desks. On top of that, after work people are spending on average 30 minutes to two hours commuting and another 2-3 hours sitting once they get home.

That’s around 9 hours a day that we spend sitting, on average!

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for many of us to do much of our day to day business while not sitting down. But luckily there are a few things we can do to limit these problems, simple things like making a point of getting up and about every half hour or so from your desk – whether to make a cup of coffee or just to stretch your legs – should help to you to feel more energised and keep you healthier and more mobile.

But for times when you need a little more, our team are ready to help!

Now, one last question you may be asking. Why this article is called the Perpetual Flight to Cuba? Well, because the 9 hours we spend sitting is, coincidentally, the same length of time as a flight from London to Cuba.

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