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The relationship between nature and Reiki | Natural Body Cafe

The relationship between nature and Reiki

Thursday, June 18, 2020

One of the most amazing things when it comes to Reiki is the strong connection it has to nature. Reiki is the most non-invasive form of healing and it can be paired with various other treatments and western medicine to make them more effective. If you don't yet understand the connection between Reiki and nature, here are some points for you to mull over.

Reiki is all about balance and bringing balance to the mind, spirit and body. It's a form of treatment that embraces every part of our being and it also encourages self-awareness. Similarly, nature is also all about balance. Nature has a way of bringing about balance and harmony even in the harshest of environments. Take deserts for example. They appear to be completely void of life. Meanwhile, beneath the surface, there are plenty of amazing creatures that thrive in these environments. When the rains eventually come, deserts are transformed almost overnight and these creatures rejoice. This is very similar to the way in which Reiki brings about balance to your mind and body. When they are synchronised, your body and mind rejoice and you can live life to the fullest.

There is an undeniable energy that is almost tangible in nature. Just think about the way you felt the last time you left technology behind and explored an untamed forest or took a hike up a mountain. That positive energy that flows freely throughout nature is like the energy that flows through your body after a Reiki session. Reiki can also help you feel more connected to nature and more aware of the energy that is within everything that surrounds us.

Feel for yourself
If you are familiar with self Reiki, why not enjoy your next session in a wide-open space such as a quiet field or just off the hiking trail? The combination of Reiki and the natural elements around you will magnify the effect of your Reiki session and you will feel renewed and recharged without a doubt!

If you are not familiar with self Reiki, you can always have a professional perform Reiki on you and you can even sign up for lessons. This way, you too can learn to practice Reiki on yourself and your loved ones.

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