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Tips to reduce pain when waxing | Natural Body Cafe

Tips to reduce pain when waxing | Natural Body Cafe

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Many people associate waxing with severe pain. This is largely due to some common misconceptions out there paired with poor practices. If you want to make waxing as painless as possible, you should follow these important guidelines.

Hair length

You don't want your hair to be too short or too long. Longer hair is more painful to wax while this method of hair removal is not effective if the hair is too short. ΒΌ of an inch is ideal so be patient and allow your hair to grow.

No shaving

Avoid shaving for about three weeks before your appointment. It is important to allow the hair to grow to the required length before waxing. In addition, you should avoid shaving between your waxing appointments. No matter how tempting it might be!


That extra layer of dead skin can trap hairs and make them more difficult to remove. Exfoliate thoroughly a few days before your appointment to make sure that the technician has it as easy as possible.

Take a soak

Taking a soak in a bath of warm water will also help soften the skin and make it easier for hairs to be removed. You should not apply any moisturizer after your bath, however. You want the skin to be clean and dry when you go for your appointment.


It really helps to control your breathing when waxing. Take a deep breath in just before the strip is removed. Breathe out as it is removed. It ensures that you don't hold your breath and it also helps you focus on something other than the waxing itself.

Remember, the first time you wax, it will probably be more painful. However, each time you wax, the hair follicles become a bit more damaged and less sensitive. So, you will notice that subsequent waxing will be less and less painful.

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