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What is Touch for Health Kinesiology?

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Touch for Health Kinesiology was introduced by Dr. John Thie in the early 1970s. This technique is used in over 50 countries around the world and it has proven highly effective as an additional approach to treatment.

This treatment allows people to balance the acupuncture meridians in their bodies. The methods used are simple and highly effective, subtle and non-invasive. The treatment involves the monitoring or testing of the various muscles in the body. This gives the practitioner a better understanding of your personal and individual needs.

The practitioner is also able to reduce stress and pain, improve physical performance, improve sensory input as well as brain function through improved posture, improve vision and coordination, as well as identify foods that increase the body's energy. This really is a full mind-body experience that will improve your well-being in every way.

By assessing performance, function and movement, the necessary steps can be taken in terms of rehabilitation, prevention and the management of disorders. You will enjoy the benefits in various aspects of your life including work, recreation, sport, exercise and other daily activities. The power of touch should never be underestimated. When treated by a trained professional, you can expect fantastic results.

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