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What to know about Reiki during pregnancy | Natural Body Cafe

What to know about Reiki during pregnancy

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Reiki is a popular type of alternative medicine. For those who are expecting, it's not uncommon to wonder whether if Reiki is safe during pregnancy. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

It is safe
Reiki is safe to enjoy during pregnancy. It is calming and relaxing which is actually beneficial for the mother and, therefore, the baby too. While the expecting mother benefits from the treatment, the unborn baby will enjoy an even more loving and well-balanced environment in which they grow and develop.

Benefits throughout pregnancy
No matter the stage of your pregnancy, you can benefit from the healing power of Reiki. Regular Reiki sessions help make the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy that much easier. A mother-to-be will feel that much more relaxed and it will certainly lighten her mood.

Reiki is all about positive energy which is why it benefits both mother and baby. Given the stress of daily life, positive energy and proper channelling of this energy can provide amazing benefits. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can also have an unexpected effect on the mother's moods. Which is all the more reason to schedule regular Reiki sessions throughout your pregnancy.

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