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Why waxing is better than shaving

Thursday, March 05, 2020

If you are still on the fence about shaving versus waxing, you may want to know more about why waxing could be the best choice for you. Here are just a few of the ways that wax beats the razor every time.

Remove hair and more
Waxing removes more than just the hair. It also removes those dead skin cells in a very effective way. So you are getting a wax and exfoliating at the same time.

Results that last
Unlike shaving, you don't have to wax every few days. This is because you are removing the hair by the root instead of just cutting off the part that protrudes from the skin. After waxing, it usually takes about three or four weeks for the hair to grow back.

Some hairs may not return
When waxing, you are pulling the hair out along with the root and this can weaken the hair follicle. Over time, some hairs may not grow back at all and those that do are weaker. This is why you will notice fewer hairs and they will be softer to the touch too.

Thinner hairs
Elaborating on the point mentioned above, when hair grows back after waxing, they often grow back thinner and this makes them even easier to remove. This is why waxing becomes easier and less painful over time. So, even if you think it hurts the first time, just keep at it and you'll see how much better it is in the long run.

No itching
Itchy armpits, legs and intimate areas are a bigger problem than most people realise. This is something that is known to occur after shaving but when you wax, you will not experience the itchy sensation associated with shaving.

No cuts
It's easy to cut yourself when shaving but luckily this is not the case when waxing is concerned. Simply put, no blades mean no cuts!

Remember, not all waxing products are the same. There are inferior and superior quality products on the market. The key is finding products that work for you. Many people struggle to wax their own bodies for a number of reasons. This is especially the case for first-time waxers. Not to worry because a professional can help you achieve best results and these professionals also have a wide selection of quality wax products suited for all skin types.

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