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We are currently able to offer treatments to customers in Poole, Dorset & Ringwood, Hampshire.

Modern day life has a lot to answer for; stress is one of the biggest factors in our day to day lives…sadly this can be extremely detrimental to our health.

One of the most common things that people suffer from is digestive issues! This includes: bloating, constipation, irregularity and discomfort. These symptoms could then lead to many other problems such as: lack of energy, muscle fatigue, brain fog, depression, low self esteem and conditions such as diverticulitis, colitis and crohn’s disease just to name a few.


Gut health and your gut flora play a key part in how you feel on a day to day basis. Think of your gut as your own mini ecosystem, where good and bad bacteria live in harmony, with the good keeping the bad in check! However, if the balance is tipped and your good bacteria are overwhelmed or erased through stress, bad eating habits, over eating or toxins ( these can be found in food, alcohol, smoking and environmental elements) then over time your body will start to struggle. This is where colon hydrotherapy (Colon irrigation) could help aid your digestive system in maintaining your gut flora.

What’s involved in a Colon hydrotherapy treatment?

First appointment – Includes questionnaire; medical history; explaining the treatment procedure. Plus any questions you may have!
Follow up appointments – Catch up and update on any changes in your medical history and any changes in your life/lifestyle.
Colonic hydrotherapy treatment – 35 to 45mins.
Aftercare consultation - Review of treatment; recommendations; what to expect after a session.

How often will I need colonic hydrotherapy?

Each individual is different depending upon the condition being treated and initial results. Anything between 2-12 treatments may be recommended, over a 12 month period. Deposits built up over a lifetime cannot be expelled with one treatment only. Following your initial colonic, a course of treatments may be recommended otherwise maintaining digestive health by having 2-4 treatments a year to nurture your ecosystem and to optimise your health.


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