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The origins of reflexology date back several thousand years to ancient Egypt and it has also been discovered in varying forms in other cultures throughout history. It then went on to be developed in the early 1900's and we now use a system based on that research and development. One of the main pioneers being Dr William Fitzgerald.

It was discovered that by working on the on the feet (hands can also be used) parts of the body were affected, one area noticed was in the area of pain relief.

Today it is thought that the body's own healing force is enabled by applying pressure to parts of the feet which are now known as reflex points. This brings about a natural balance and harmony resulting in normal function throughout the body.

The feet have been described as 'maps' of the body and a reflexologist can often detect areas that need stimulating to aid better blood circulation and thereby improving overall health and wellbeing.

Through faulty circulation the feet can become tense and stiffness can occur. Reflexology relaxes, soothes and warm the muscle in the feet resulting in increased flexibility. Reflexology can strengthen the immune system, improve circulation to all areas of the body and help us to keep stress at bay. It is useful in the prevention of ill health as it boosts our own natural healing resources and rebalances.

Usually several reflexology treatments close together when starting out on a course will produce a greater effect and especially if dealing with a health challenge. The treatment can create a feeling of relaxation and has a therapeutic effect on the body that can last for days and sometimes weeks afterwards.

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