Natural Body Cafe Founder Karen Scott

From the Natural Body Café Founder, Karen Scott

As the Founder of Natural Body Café, I’d like to introduce myself to you and give an insight into how the Natural Body Café came to be.

My name is Karen Scott. My journey started back when I was about 30, I was working overseas as a hotel manager when a client gave me a photo of myself with them to say thank you for their amazing stay. To my horror all I could see was this extremely over weight person, which was me!

That photo was a big wake up call, between my weight and other health issues, I knew I didn’t want to carry on like this, so decided to start researching and to do something about it!

As part of my journey, I trained as a Colonic Hydrotherapist in 2007, Massage Therapist 2008, then as a Beauty consultant, Reiki Practitioner, Weight Loss Consultant, to name a few over the years.

I was extremely lucky through my journey to meet some amazingly inspirational people who not only believed in me but have assisted me throughout. I am a great believer that people come into your life for a reason, which could be for a split second, minutes, hours, weeks, months or a life time.

Before my journey began, I was a happy go lucky person and very smiley, however I was also a ticking time bomb as the years went by with much underlying anger, emotion, resentment, self doubt and extreme negativity. These factors were slowly but surely consuming my life and pushing everything I desired to achieve away, not to mention my friends and family as well as having a massive impact on my body and health, with issues such as severe constipation, obesity, emotional eating and fatigue.

My first lesson was to take responsibility of my life and to stop blaming others for my actions or reactions. By taking responsibility; my life and my attitude to life changed beyond belief. By understanding and making changes to my body and mind, my life became so much more balanced, giving me the tools to make much healthier and wiser choices.

I want to share my knowledge and help others on their journey; so decided to launch the Natural Body Café in 2012, as a therapy café for your body and mind, offering treatments, therapies and support to help individuals change their lives, as I have changed mine.