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Common waxing myths debunked

Thursday, May 27, 2021

If you are considering waxing as your method of hair removal, you have most likely already heard at least a few of the myths listed below. While there might be some truth to a couple of them, for the most part, these misconceptions are entirely false. Knowing what to expect is the best way to prepare yourself for your first waxing session.

It's really painful

Yes, there is a degree of pain involved since you are removing hair by the root. However, it is very quick too. The sticky wax is applied and a strip is pressed on top of it. The strip is then removed quickly like removing a band aid. The little sting you feel lasts less than a second but the results of waxing last for weeks.

You must wait for your hair to grow

Yes, you do need to let the hair grow back but you should not let it grow too long either. When the hairs are very long, it can actually make waxing more difficult. They should be at least 4mm in length but no longer than 2cm.

Lip hairs grow back thicker and faster

When removing hairs by the follicle, it will take longer for the hair to grow back compared to shaving. As for the hair getting thicker, the opposite may actually be true if you wax regularly. Waxing does cause some damage to the follicles and, over time, this can cause them to produce thinner hairs.

Don't wax when pregnant

The only concern about waxing when pregnant is the fact that you may experience a bit more pain. This is because you are experiencing hormonal changes in your body that can affect you in ways you never even knew. It's similar to waxing around that time of the month. If you are particularly sensitive, you might want to wait until your hormones return to normal before waxing again.

Waxing will cause wrinkles

People believe that waxing (especially the face) stretches the skin and this causes wrinkles. Like most myths, the opposite is true. If the skin is stretched during waxing, it will not result in good hair removal results. So, it's in everyone's best interests to keep the skin just as it is without stretching it out.

Don't wax the top of your eyebrows

The top of your eyebrows define their shape so you don't want to destroy this by waxing. However, you may notice a few stray hairs or smaller hairs that could use a plucking. This will give you a more defined look. Remember to have a professional perform eyebrow waxing to ensure even and beautiful results.

You only need to wax every couple of months

If your hair grows extremely slowly, this might be true. However, for the most part, you should wax every six weeks to keep hair growth at bay. If your hair grows faster, you may need to wax every month. It varies from person to person and it also depends on the area you are waxing.

Now that you know the truth about waxing, why not schedule your appointment? Get ready for warmer weather can get hair growth under control. If you have any other concerns, discuss them with a professional to set your mind at ease.

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