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Increased mental health concerns resulting from Covid-19 | Natural Body Cafe

Increased mental health concerns resulting from Covid-19

Thursday, November 19, 2020

When we were initially made aware of the Covid-19 pandemic, we all had different reactions. Some may have even felt happy about spending time at home. However, as the weeks passed, isolation started to take its toll. Not only financially, but on an emotional and mental level too.

No matter how anti-social somebody might think that they are, being forced to spend time alone at home will have a negative effect on the mind. Humans are naturally social beings which is why we tend to live in groups. When we are forced to be apart from one another, this goes against our natural instincts and way of life.

This type of isolation paired with increased financial difficulties, caused a distinct increase in the number of cases of depression and anxiety. The problem with these conditions is the fact that they tend to create a harmful cycle. It is difficult to escape this cycle since they 'feed' one another. In other words, anxiety and depression often go hand in hand. When you feel anxious about a particular problem, the fact that you feel hopeless results in depression. This creates even more anxiety and fuels your depression even more.

This is why it is so important to take action before the cycle gets completely out of hand. Through therapy and possibly with the help of medication, both of these devastating mental conditions can be overcome. Even if you are stuck at home, for whatever reason, online therapy is now readily available and it can be particularly helpful since you can schedule a meeting with your therapist when you need them the most. Another good idea is to schedule a massage, aromatherapy or other treatments to help you deal with stress. When you are stressed, your muscles may tense up and this can cause physical pain. A deep tissue massage will help release this tension so that you can focus on dealing with the cause of your stress.

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