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How is acupressure performed? | Natural Body Cafe

How is acupressure performed?

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Acupressure involves the use of pressure on specific points of the body. Pressure can be applied using the whole hand or just a finger, depending on the energetic point that is to be targeted. It has the same basic principles as acupuncture but you do not physically penetrate the skin. It is a softer approach that is more appealing to those who are not necessarily comfortable with acupuncture.

This method is non-invasive and it is designed to offer amazing relief even after the initial session. Of course, in order to enjoy best results, several sessions might be required. The Seva Stress Release method involves the targeting of 15 points on the body. You will remain fully clothed during this time and you can relax on a massage table. Not only does this benefit you, but the professional performing the technique. The more relaxed you are, the better the results will be.

Acupressure is known to treat a number of ailments. These include nausea, anxiety and various forms of pain. The technique is fairly new but it is based on ancient practices that have enjoyed great success for many years. Since you do not need to worry about needles or any kind of invasive approach, this encourages many people to try acupressure at least once. After they enjoy the results first hand, they naturally wish to schedule follow up appointments to maximize the benefits of these treatments. Just like any other treatment, it is always important to discuss any concerns you have openly with the practitioner before they begin. This will help set your mind at ease so that you can feel truly relaxed.


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