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Prepare your feet for sandal season

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Sandal season is not too far away and now is the time to get started with your foot care routine! Your feet have been hidden away in those cosy socks and shoes for long enough. Depending on how well you took care of yourself over the winter, you may have some minor touch-ups to do or a little more work than usual. Either way, it won't be long before your feet are in perfect shape.

Soak and peel
First things first, you want to get rid of any dead skin that has managed to build up over the past few months. To make this process easier, soak your feet in your favourite soothing foot products before giving them a good scrub.

If your feet are dry, they are far more likely to crack and can become painful. You can prevent this by applying foot cream twice a day. The key is to apply cream thoroughly before covering your feet with socks. This way, you will give them plenty of time to soak it all up.

Tackle rough skin
You may notice rough patches such as calluses and corns here and there. Gently use a pumice stone on these areas but take care not to proceed if you feel any pain or discomfort. There are also a number of home remedies that you can use to treat calluses. Vitamin E and aspirin are two examples of popular home remedies.

Professional pedicure
Now that your feet are no longer in their worst possible condition, you can leave the rest up to a professional! A professional will be able to further assist you with any calluses and corns. They can also take care of your nails and get them looking beautiful again.

Keep them beautiful
Once you have enjoyed your professional pedicure, all you need to do is keep those feet safe! In other words, you want to wear the right shoes and socks to protect against bumps and scratches as well as the cold. Once the weather warms up, you will be ready to wear your favourite sandals!

While a professional pedicure will work wonders for your feet, it is important to make sure that you also put in the necessary effort before and after sessions. This will ensure that you will enjoy lasting results and you will never need to wear closed shoes just because you feel the need to hide your feet.

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