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Negative coping mechanisms that are ruining your life

Friday, June 11, 2021


When faced with a problem, we react. Often, without even realizing it. If there is nothing that we can do to change the situation, we often turn to various coping mechanisms to which we have grown accustomed over the years. Coping mechanisms can be positive but there are also a number of negative responses that you should avoid.

Examples of negative coping mechanisms

Here are a few examples of negative coping methods that you should avoid. If you find that you are using any of these mechanisms to get through difficulties, you may want to talk to a professional to help you replace bad habits with positive coping mechanisms.

  • Self-criticism



  • Fingernail biting



  • Fast or reckless driving



  • Aggressive outbursts



  • Over eating or undereating



  • Excessive consumption of coffee



  • Smoking



  • Alcohol consumption



  • Drug use



  • Self-isolation (avoiding contact with friends and family)

Positive coping mechanisms

The good news is that you can replace these bad habits with good ones! Here are some positive coping mechanisms:

  • Listen to music



  • Spend time with a pet



  • Get out of the house (retail therapy or just a cup of coffee with a friend)



  • Take a soak in the tub



  • Get creative (paint, write, etc)



  • Exercise indoors or outdoors



  • Spend time in your garden or on home repairs



  • Meditation, deep breathing and muscle relaxation



  • Seek counselling from a professional.

Remember, not all coping mechanisms are available when you need them. This is why you need to have more than one. For instance, you might not be able to listen to music whenever you please. However, you can practice some breathing exercises without disrupting the workplace.

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