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How reflexology can help your baby | Natural Body Cafe

How reflexology can help your baby

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Many people know that reflexology offers a number of benefits to adults. It's a natural way of addressing a number of issues including chronic pain, stress, menopause symptoms and even insomnia. The pressure points on our feet are a direct line to specific parts of our body which is what makes this type of treatment so effective while also proving non-invasive.

When it comes to babies, reflexology can offer a number of fantastic benefits. Since their feet are still developing, their feet are particularly flat. This makes the response time to reflexology even quicker. It's also very much a case of mind over matter when it comes to these types of treatments. For instance, adults can be skeptical. Babies don't even know what you are doing which means that they are far more receptive. Their brains will not get in the way of the treatment as they could in adults who are not all that positive about this treatment method.

When performing reflexology on a baby, it is important that you take some extra care. Firstly, you need to warm your hands. You don't want to startle your baby or make them uncomfortable. Secondly, take care when applying pressure and don't press too hard. If your baby is sick, the pressure points will be even more sensitive so take it easy when pressing. Use smaller strokes since your baby's feet are much smaller than yours. You also only need to perform reflexology for a few minutes. You don't need to work on their feet as long as you would an adult (approximately 40 minutes). If baby withdraws her foot, it's a sign to stop. You may notice this after just five minutes. Be aware of your baby's mood and they will let you know how they are feeling.

If you are new to reflexology, you might want to have a professional perform the first few sessions at least. You can take note or even sign up for a course so that you can continue performing baby reflexology at home.

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