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What to expect from a Thai foot massage with reflexology

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Whether you have already scheduled your Thai foot massage or you are considering doing so, you could be wondering what you can expect from this specialised treatment. When combining this type of massage with reflexology, you will enjoy even greater benefits. This treatment is particularly beneficial for those who lead active lives since it can improve blood circulation.

Thai foot massages do not only focus on the feet, but the legs as well. The techniques used free up blocked energy to encourage deep relaxation, balance and overall well-being. The massage can be performed using the hands, thumbs, fingers, knuckles or even a small rounded wooden stick. Specific areas are stimulated to achieve the desired effect.

The feet are like map to the body with each pressure point connected to various systems and organs. Through direct stimulation of these points, specific areas of the body are effectively targeted. If you have tired feet, you will love the way you feel after a Thai foot massage. The lymph movement in your lower legs and feet improve circulation as well as flexibility. You may even enjoy other benefits such reduced stiffness, stress relief, improved sleep and mood as well as better concentration.

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