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Essential stress management advice

Friday, July 09, 2021

Despite the fact that we are surrounded by technology designed to help make life easier, we live in a more stressful time than ever. Stress, anxiety and depression are at alarming levels around the world. Learning to manage those stress levels will help you control your anxiety and can help prevent you from sinking into a deep depression later on. Here are some important stress management steps for you.

Massage time

Taking time out for a relaxing massage can help eliminate stress from the body. When you are feeling overwhelmed, your muscles tense up whether you realise it or not. It's all part of the 'fight or flight' instinct that we are born with. Massages can be paired with other relaxing treatments like aromatherapy to make them even more effective.

Take a break

If you feel like you have too much to do and too little time, take a moment to make a list. Write down everything you need to do and make sure that you note the most important or urgent tasks at the top of the page. As you complete each task, you can cross it off your list. It's also helpful seeing all of these tasks getting crossed off because it motivates you to keep going. In addition, you should plan breaks in between. You are not a robot and you cannot be expected to work like one. Every couple of hours, you should give yourself a 10 minute break to 'recharge'. Take care not to extend your breaks or you will be less productive by doing so. This will, in turn, make you upset and stressed because you're running out of time.

Breath through it

Whether somebody has upset you or you are simply struggling with everything you have on your plate, breathing deeply can help you through. It can get you through a stressful moment so that you can deal with any deeper issues later. At least you won't feel like you're about to explode!

Restorative sleep

Sleep is often underrated but it is essential if you want to be the best version of yourself. When you are rested, you are calmer and you will have more patience to deal with problems. You will not be as easily affected by stressful situations. Make sure that you turn off all electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime if you want to enjoy a truly restorative night's sleep.

Remember, if you are struggling with extreme stress and anxiety, there are professionals out there who are ready to help. Take care of yourself and treat yourself to pampering now and then. Massages, manicures, facials and other treatments will help you feel that much happier and relaxed. If you feel like you're at the end of your rope, it's best to seek counseling to help with stress management before it completely overwhelms you.

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