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Why opt for nail extensions

Thursday, April 15, 2021

If you have short and brittle nails, you may feel like you can never really enjoy all those gorgeous nail art designs. Fortunately, nail extensions can come to your rescue! When applied by a trained nail technician, you can enjoy the gorgeous results for weeks and you will no longer feel the need to hide your hands.

Beautiful hands
When you have properly groomed nails, your hands will look that much better overall. This is not just important from a social point of view but also from a professional one. If you work with the public, you don't want ugly nails to ruin your otherwise perfect appearance. Not only will nail extensions improve your professional appearance, but they will also make you feel good while you're at work.

Protect your nails
If your nails are thin, brittle and prone to tearing, nail extensions will protect against such damage. There are few things worse than having your nails rip and tear. They can often tear so deeply that they bleed. This can make daily duties like typing or writing painful.

Remember, like all beauty treatments, it is extremely important that your nail extensions are applied by a trained professional. Make sure that they follow strict hygiene guidelines to ensure that your nails are in no way at risk of becoming infected. All tools and supplies should be clean and sterile. They should never be used on more than one client without being thoroughly disinfected.

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