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Essential skin maintenance between facials

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Regular facials are an important part of any beauty routine. However, you mustn't strictly rely on these treatments to keep your skin looking its best. Proper maintenance in between facials will ensure that the results are lasting and treatments are so much more effective. Here are three things you can do in between your scheduled facials.

Stick to your routine
Your esthetician will not only perform the facial. They will also guide you with regards to your daily routine. It is important that you follow their advice on a daily basis in order to maximize the results of these treatments. They may recommend specific products and other lifestyle tips to keep your skin glowing and beautiful.

No DIY extractions
If you get the occasion pimple or suffer from more severe acne, it is important that you NOT try to pop or squeeze it yourself. A professional knows how to safely remove these impurities and they have the appropriate tools to do so. When professionally removed, you will not need to worry about all those nasty scars or a long healing process. As much as you may not like to leave your house with a pimple anywhere on your face, leaving it to the experts always pays off.

Use the right products
Avoid using anything that your esthetician has not recommended. The products recommended by a professional are based on your skin type as well as any particular skin problems or concerns. Store-bought products do not always meet the standards that your skin deserves and you risk undoing all of your esthetician's hard work just because you decided to wash your face with the wrong product.

Remember, if you want to use any masks or perform your own facials in between professional treatments, ask an expert to help guide your choice in products. The wrong product can cause severe allergic reactions. Using organic products limits the risk of these reactions but it does not eliminate them altogether. So, make sure that you discuss a long-term plan with a trained professional before using any products on that beautiful face.

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