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What not to do after waxing

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Waxing is an excellent form of hair removal and it's great for exfoliation too. After your treatment, however, it is important for you to make sure that you avoid certain treatments and activities that could result in skin irritations.


The first thing you should avoid is tanning. Whether you enjoy relaxing in the sun or you prefer the convenience of sunbeds, you should avoid UV rays after waxing. Your skin will be that much more sensitive and the sun can prove too harsh. You should even avoid spray tanning since the ingredients can irritate your skin.

No swimming

Swimming pools, oceans, lakes and rivers can contain a number of types of bacteria. When your skin is freshly waxed, it is that much more vulnerable to infection. So, avoid swimming after waxing. Saunas can also play host to a wide variety of germs that can easily affect your freshly-waxed skin.


You should avoid exfoliating after waxing since the process of waxing already removes the top layer of skin so there is no need to repeat this process. In fact, overdoing it can cause more harm than good and you should not scrub your skin at all.

Baths versus showers

Instead of bathing, you should take showers for the first few days. The water and soap will flow directly down and away rather than remaining on your skin for a prolonged period of time.

Loose clothing

Avoid wearing tight clothing and opt for lighter fabrics too. You will feel that much more comfortable and your skin will thank you for it too.

Working out

Working out can cause friction as well as intense sweating. Both of which can result in severe skin irritations. So, take a break from working out and let your skin recover.

If you keep these guidelines in mind, you will get the most out of your wax without worrying about any potential reactions or side effects. It's also good to make sure that you always choose natural and organic products when waxing. This will also help prevent any possible reactions.

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