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Learning different levels of Reiki

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Reiki is a Japanese practice that helps bring back balance to your mind, body and soul. These three are so deeply connected that, when one is off-balance, it can affect you in ways you never even realised. Reiki can be performed by a professional or, if you like, you can learn to practice it yourself. The benefit of learning Reiki is the fact that you can help treat your loved ones. You can also perform Reiki on yourself as and when needed. There are different levels of Reiki and it is important to take it step by step so that you can fully grasp every aspect of these techniques.

Level 1
This level teaches the basics and it is the perfect introduction to Reiki. Even if you are somewhat familiar with Reiki, it is important to start at this level and practice what you learn for a period of time before moving on. The key to successful Reiki sessions is patience. You should never rush through a session and it's important that you focus on each and every element during this process.

Level 2
This is the next step for those who want to become a Reiki Healing therapist. It will recap everything that you learned during your level 1 training along with the various Reiki symbols, advanced techniques and even more practice so that you get a real feel for it.

Level 3
Again, this level will recap what you have already learned as well as how to teach the Master Symbols. You will learn how to perform traditional attunements and, when you are done, you too will be able to teach others just as you learned the three levels.

Reiki is not just about treating others and it's not always hands-on. You can perform Reiki on yourself, children and even pets! You can even perform Reiki from a distance. So, if you are not able to interact directly with your friend or loved one, you can still help them with long-distance Reiki healing.

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